Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Potty Training Girls and Boys

My wish is to establish this blog as a little, perfect source of information for moms and dads about potty training girls and boys. As a first time parent, it is common to worry, especially during your childs formative years. It is perfectly normal to be concerned about whether or not youre doing the right things. Potty training baby, in particular, can be an enormous cause of anxiety and stress for new parents. However, it does not need to be.

Per my experience, potty training your girls and boys can not only be swift, it can also be a wonderful experience for both parents and our toddler, if we are equipped with a few hints and tips to ease the journey.

I want to share practical advice on potty training, which will help parents to deal with the challenges they could face. It also aims to answer common questions and offer suggestions on baby potty training that may prove useful. Hopefully I can show parents that their experiences are perfectly normal.

I am not an expert who have all the answers, so I wish you too, can share your experiences. Don't we all want to know about the fun, effective tricks of the potty training trade? Let's remove some of the anxiety surrounding this exciting, but daunting, phase of your babys growth into childhood.